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Radon is the Risk




What Is Radon Mitigation?

Radon mitigation is the process of decreasing radon from the soil under your home and the air you breathe in your home. Lowering radon levels requires specific knowledge pertaining to where radon is found in and around the home, what equipment works to remove radon and which treatment method will work best for your home.

The EPA suggests that you always use a radon contractor to reduce radon levels in your home through mitigation. A professionally qualified radon technician from North American Radon will come out and put equipment in place to reduce harmful radon levels to meet EPA safety measurements. We use the best state of the art equipment on the market to reduce the radon levels in your residence. 

North American Radon makes radon mitigation easy. Your installation will start with a thorough survey of your home’s layout. A North American Radon professional with years of radon experience and a residential construction background will explain all your options for your system location. You’ll know exactly how your system will look before the installation begins.

Sealed - Removable Dome Sump-Pump Cover w/Looking Glass

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FRadon Fan in Attic - radon pipe through garage from basement and up into attic
out to the roof.
Heading 5
Common Exterior Example of Radon System

Common Crawlspace Sub-Membrane Radon Depressurization System 

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Dome photo1.jpg
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